Your Instant Definition in Decentralized Crypto.

Multi-Encrypted Messaging. Plaintext was yesterday: with GoldBug you create encrypted connections and postings to your friends. GoldBug is a decentralized social network: with encrypted chat, e-mail-client and also secure file transfers. This means there is no need for commercial servers or advertisement related services to reach your friends and family.
This E-Mail-Client & Chat Messenger is entirely open-source and free: no costs, no ads and no service agreements about any usage of your private data. GB is a pure spare-time hobby-project and not financed by any third or commercial party.

Secure and open source communications suite • based on the research project Spot-on since 2010.

Read the GB-Audit: BIG SEVEN CRYPTO Study (PDF-Download, 10 MB)

« Why should we encrypt? »

Protect your writings and data transfers over the internet as you would protect your loved ones:
self-defend your

Privacy & Human Rights

with modern cryptographic functions and an assortment of open source libraries: RSA, ElGamal, McEliece, NTRU, AES, DSA, libgcrypt and OpenSSL.

Make it your hobby too, to use and evaluate secure communication software with your friends. It´s easier and more fun than doing maths ;)

« How to learn it? »

GoldBug Messenger uses Multi-(Hybrid)-Encryption: Encrypt your Chats & E-Mails and sent it through encrypted decentral HTTPS-channels:

RSA-SSL (AES (ElGamal (Message))).

GoldBug is very easy to use: Just swap once a key with your friends - and done.
It provides support for the most common transport protocols, including SCTP, TCP and UDP.
And it has cool smileys ;) and file sharing.
Try it out with one of your friends and/or join our community.

Security Features

Zero-Plaintext for secure communication-transports: Instead of plugin solutions GoldBug uses a purely native encryption with in the Network-Protocol called "Echo": It includes by default asymmetric end-to-end encryption. Once you have shared your key, you are ready for Chats, E-Mails, e*IRC, Groupchat, Websearch and Filesharing.

Read more in the GB-Book

Lese mehr im dt./German GB-Buch

& Auto-Translated into: Arabic - Belarus - Brasil-PT - Bulgarian - Chinese - Hungarian - Indonesian - Koreanish - Spanish - Dutch - French - Hindi - HongKong-CN - Italian - Japan - Polish - Portuguese - Russian - Taiwan - Turkish - Ukrainian - see also as PDF.

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